Best Prescription Discount Card to Use at Walmart

Walmart is well known as the low price leader in the retail world. For the most part that is true, but for most prescriptions drugs no included on their $4 list, they have the same inflated prices as other large retail pharmacies.

Thankfully, there is an answer to high drug prices even at stores like Walmart. Using a prescription discount card to reduce the cash price of your medication can save you a considerable amount of money.

The best prescription discount card to use at Walmart pharmacy depends on the specific medication, strength, and quantity your doctor prescribed. Each combination of the factors above can lead to a different prescription discount card producing the cheapest price due to how rx discount cards work.

What prescription discount card should you start with?

From my experience Singlecare is the one prescription discount card that I like to recommend patients try first due to the extremely low prices I’ve seen using their card.

Singlecare has used its negotiating abilities to hammer out an introductory offer with Walgreens and CVS pharmacy but they have periodically offered the same $5 off your prescription incentive with Walmart in the past.

Make sure to download the Singlecare app or check out their prescription pricing tool for your prescription whether you have insurance of not because chances are the Singlecare price will beat your copay most of the time.

Even after the introductory offer, if running when you read this, Singlecare has negotiated extremely discounted prices on almost 50,000 FDA approved medications and actively works with pharmacies to lower prices on the most commonly prescribed drugs to ensure they are affordable to you.

If you want even more details read my full in-depth review of Singlecare.

Other pharmacy savings card options to try

Several Walmart pharmacists I have spoken with also recommend checking out 2 other pharmacy discount cards that tend to have very low prices for common medications. The prescription discount cards are RxCut and PatientRx

After researching these rx savings cards a little more I found that the prices they negotiated were very good. The main problem I have found is that neither company has a mobile app so you will have to use a browser to access the site and their pricing tool or just take your card to the pharmacy and ask the technician what the discounted price will be using the card you received.

The pricing tool for both companies definitely need some work. RxCut’s pricing tool is a little cumbersome to use but it does have the unique ability to price out multiple medications at once. That is a feature that is not available on any other rx savings card pricing tool that I’m aware of.

Make sure to check out my other recommended prescription discount cards to see which one offers the best price on your medication(s).

How do you use a prescription discount card at Walmart?

To use a prescription discount card at any pharmacy the process is the same.

  1. Show the billing codes from the card, website, or app to the pharmacy technician to add to your pharmacy profile.
  2. If you have insurance ask the technician to use the discount card to see if the price is cheaper than your copay. If you are paying out of pocket then ask them to use the discount card to lower the price.
  3. Pay the discounted price at the register and go with extra cash in your pocket.

Hate high prices AND long lines?

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As a practicing community pharmacist in his home state of Michigan, Joe (AKA TheFrugalPharmacist) is always on the lookout for new information and ways to ensure you can afford your medications and don't get ripped off in America's complicated world of healthcare.

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