Recommended Products and Services

I have spent countless hours researching and personally using these products and services.    You can feel safe that the products and services below are the best of the best in the pharmacy industry.

Top Prescription Discount Cards

Only prescription discount cards that offer the lowest prices AND protect your privacy make the list  Here are my top recommendations:

singlecare prescription discount card image

SingleCare is my top rated prescription discount card. Read my in-depth SingleCare review to find out why. Take a screenshot of this card, get your own, or download the SingleCare app to see how much SingleCare can save you on your medications.

RxCut Prescription discount card image

RxCut is my #2 overall pick of prescription discount cards. RxCut is not affiliated with a middlemen PBM so you get great prices without the hassle. Screenshot this card or check out the pricing tool to see how much you can save with RxCut.

discount drug network prescription card image

The Drug Discount Network prescription discount card rounds out my top 3 prescription discount cards. Head over to the drug pricing tool to see if there are any savings to be had on your prescription medications.

Top Prescription Discount Apps

Mobile apps are a convenient way to find the lowest prices on your prescription medications.  These are my top recommendations:

SingleCare prescription discount app image

Of course my #1 recommendation for apps is the Singlecare app. The great, hassle free savings of SingleCare at your fingertips. Download the app on your device now so you will always have the best savings available in your pocket. Make sure to check the prices of your prescriptions before even leaving the doctor’s office.

Blink Health app image

Download the Blink Health app to keep the deeply discounted prices right at your fingertips. Check the price before even leaving the doctors office to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Read my full review and see if you can save up to 95% or even get your first fill free with my exclusive offer.

Best Online Pharmacies

Only legitimate, accredited, trustworthy online pharmacies make this list.  You can be assured you will get exceptional customer service AND quality, safe medication from these online pharmacies delivered to your door with free delivery.

healthwarehouse online pharmacy logo

Free delivery and low prices aren’t the only things that are great about Healthwarehouse. Read my review to see what makes Healthwarehouse my top overall pick for the best online pharmacy.

Blink Health app image

Blink Health makes this list too since it has its own mail order pharmacy that provides steeply discounted prices with FREE home delivery. The selection is limited but covers many of the most commonly prescribed drugs including those for hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

Best Telehealth Services

I’m still investigating these service so I can make sure I give you the best information from trusted service providers. Check back soon to see what companies I recommend.